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about project

To develop content for the Catcher store in a completely new format, implementing a creative project with a bright and bold photo shoot.

Catcher Concept Store is a limited-edition collection store located in the heart of the capital between the Moscow City towers. The concept and branding of the store was developed by our agency in 2017.

We had the idea to hold a bright and creative photo shoot, Catcher supported this initiative. They were not afraid to show themselves in a completely new way and decided to release an unusual project. The project name "Catch me!" means that customers "catch" trends, and new views, they dream of getting branded clothes from limited collections. The concept reveals the need for people to have a unique item and be special.

Project concept development; shooting production: location and models search, hair masters, make-up artists; post-production: 3D modelling and artistic photo processing.

Content creation for Catcher’s social media. Publications with influencers and fashion-themed accounts on social media. Articles in news, marketing and entertainment portals.

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