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—"There's an empty site at Moscow City, and we want to turn it into a store. Waiting for your ideas."

Catcher was established in 2017. Today, it is a successful concept store that offers gifts and accessories from the most stylish and forward-thinking brands. People know and love Catcher. We are happy to be a part of their team and to share their success.

We noticed a free space between two towers. Someone said it was a "wind catcher." That's when it hit us: let's call it "Catcher," but instead of wind, it will catch brands. Wind symbolizes freedom, power, and unlimited possibilities. Catcher will embody these ideas and focus on capturing the latest trends and innovations in fashion and technology.

The lightness of the wind inspired us to make it incredibly easy for Catcher's clients to get the most exclusive, fashionable, and only the very best items. Catcher Concept Store is a unique medium connecting people and fashion. We wanted clients to be the first to gain access to the latest releases, so we gave each of them a membership card. And then we realized that if Catcher had an online store, it would make even more people happy. We've done everything possible to offer the very best of the best to clients and made it as quick as the fastest winds.

With Catcher, everything started with an idea. We came up with the name and created all the branding elements from scratch. The Catcher online store is convenient, functional and conceptual. Catcher Concept Store is a brand to be proud of.

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