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about project

To develop and build solid relationships with the bartender community on the Instagram account @bartenders_campari.

Campari Group is a major player in the global spirits industry, with a portfolio of over 50 premium and super premium brands, spreading across the globe.

Our focus for the campaign was for the following brands:
- Campari
- Chynar
- Bulldog

Sometimes brilliant ideas are the result of simple decisions. The ‘Make It Easy’ contest was the perfect chance for bartenders to put this idea into practice. They had to create an author's cocktail, simple in execution, but unique in character.

The main idea of the advertising campaign was to build a good relationship with the bartender community through competitive activity on the @bartenders_camp page, with the involvement of the best bartenders, in which participants had to create a unique author's cocktail based on one of the participating brands: Campari, Bulldog and Cynar.

Number of prizes: 20
To attract attention to the competition and create a stir among the bartenders, it was decided to raffle off valuable prizes. The two best cocktails won everything — a cash prize, gift sets, as well as branded merch from the Campari brand. Also, all participants from 1st to 10th place received stylish gift sets and merch from the brand.

The winners from 11th to 20th place received the perfect ingredient for their future experiments and branded merch. The rest of the participants also did not leave empty-handed – they received cool T-shirts with the hashtag #MakeItEasy. There was also a daily raffle of exclusive vintage siphons from the brand.

Participants KPI: 60
Actual figures: 367
Participants OTS KPI: 150 000
Actual figures: 387 410

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