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We're ready for any turns. 360. We do what we love, and we love what we do. Discover a world of new opportunities with New Day.

Design 6

This is about searching endlessly for a creative approach and then having a brainwave just before you fall asleep. It's about the laughter and tears of preparing a presentation. It's when you need an idea that doesn't exist yet...

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Digital 1

This is 10 hours of brainstorming, daily research of internet trends, 100+ approvals with bloggers, the battle for the lowest cost per click, to unite budget and efficiency, 600+ unread messages on Telegram...

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Marketing 3

This is about strategic thinking in the context of an ever-evolving market. That's when you realize that your target audience is Generation Z, and that the old rulebook has been thrown out the window; when you hear the words...

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Strategy 5

This is when the slogans and campaigns for popular brands are the first things that come to mind. You get upset and think that everything has already been invented. In the throes of agony, you give birth to crazy ideas...

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Web 2

This is thousands of code lines, hundreds of documentation pages, and dozens of frameworks and client libraries. Not that it was all necessary, strictly speaking, but once you start developing web apps, you tend to go...

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This is an endless casting with a million girls; it's your magically motivational kick for the promoter; it's when you have personally tried 6 lbs of sausage and 3 lbs of cheese and are ready to gush about their delicious flavor...

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how we work

Transparency, measurable results, and feedback at every stage—this is what our work is built on.

Receiving a client request

We assess the task, collect the initial information, set clear goals and objectives, create the brief and work on it with the team.

Getting to know each other

We study the market, do the research of the target audience and competitors, conduct surveys and focus groups.

Doing the calculations

We examine the project, determine work stages, have the client confirm them, and develop an estimated price.

Implementing the project

Putting ideas into practice, sharing the interim results, getting feedback, and making adjustments.

Getting results

Presenting the final product. We conduct the final analysis, prepare a report on the completed tasks and look forward to new projects!

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