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—"Guys, we need to develop key visuals for the new line of headphones JBL LIVE. Oh, well, on its basis it is necessary to create promo pages for online stores of our partners and advertising layouts for printed materials"


The main idea is, of course, the sound! We visualized sound waves that diverge from the headphones. For the visuals, we chose a black background and bright color waves to show how music changes our lives.

After we have developed the idea, we began the creation of key visuals from the development of 3D models of each of the 5 products of the JBL LIVE series. It took 25 hours to render 3D models after the design had been developed.

We developed a general visual of the LIVE line with the bright gradient inscription of the series name. Sound waves make the inscription more mobile - this is a reference to the fact that music sets the rhythm of our lives. For each model, we have chosen a different perspective and color to emphasize the specifics of each product, but have maintained the unity of style.

On the basis of key visuals, we have created a bright and stylish design of the promo page.
We have provided a separate screen for each model. Emphasis is placed on product features and hours of operation without recharging. For each product, we have thought of catchy slogans and backed them up with an appropriate background to further immerse the user in the atmosphere of the mystery of sound.
The design of the page has been adapted for two resources - online stores of M.video and DNS partners.

We have also adapted the key visuals to the printed layouts for placement in magazines. JBL's image stands out among other advertising pages in its style and emphasis on details.

As a result of the work on this project, the client has received both ready-made 3D models of all JBL LIVE headphones, which can be used in the future to create new images and other tasks, as well as the stylish and eye catching key visuals.

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