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Rémy Cointreau SMM

about project

The main task was to manage the social media accounts for the Rémy Cointreau brands: Rémy Martin, Cointreau and Metaxa.

The most difficult task with managing the social media accounts was with compliance. We followed the strict guidelines provided by the global office as well as the localization of materials. We did this in such a way that we did not go beyond the limits specified by the client.

While working on this project, we were faced with the following tasks:

• To build a communication strategy
• To design the rubricators
• To create a holistic visual concept
• To make unique content:
- 3D videos
- Animation
• To develop a content plan
• To adapt materials from the global office
• To write post texts
• To purge the brand's account of inferior audience
• To integrate opinion leaders' publications into the profile's overall content grid
• To create and implement additional advertising campaigns

Content planning and graphic content design consisted of: 3D and motion clips, visuals, photo and video shoots, copywriting, rubricator design, media planning for placement in influencers’ accounts, drafting of briefs for placement, relations with ambassadors and influencers, brand marketing advice, adaptation of global office materials and project management.

Static and animated posts
3D modelling

We decided to create 3D modelling to achieve the best presentation of Rémy Martin products. We relied on 3D modelling to build the visual perception of the brand with consumers and communicate the brand's image and values.  
We drew inspiration for our Rémy Martin 3D animated videos from many sources: the elegant bottle shapes, the oak barrels used for ageing Rémy Martin cognacs and the play of light and shadow, which conjures up an aura of mystery and captivates attention. We used these features to highlight the brand's premium quality and the individual character of each spirit: Rémy Martin VSOP, Rémy Martin XO and Rémy Martin 1738. 

 Image photo shoots 

We performed local photo shoots to enhance the brand's image as part of our monthly management of the social media profiles. We planned our shoots in advance and chose to use the food pairing concept. We selected ideal snacks to go with the spirits, which could be easily to prepared for an ideal evening at home.
We selected the appropriate location for our photo shoots to make sure the product looked its best and used lighting effects to achieve high quality photos. 

Work with influencers

We worked with opinion leaders in addition to managing the social media profiles. We were guided primarily by the Rémy Martin values in our choice of bloggers: premium quality, elegance and elevated status.  
Blog themes were selected keeping in mind the brand's target audience: lifestyle blogs, media personalities, photographers and business coaches. We also made sure the blogger generated stylish, high-quality content by integrating the product natively, strengthening the brand's image.   

 Static and animated posts

As part of our monthly content planning for brand Cointreau, we designed stop-motion features in addition to adapting the photographs received from the global office. We presented a selection of the most attractive cocktails, producing static posts and animated videos, which got even more attention than regular photographs. 

Work with influencers

Cointreau targets the upbeat, personable and socially active urban dwellers who love to party and are always open to new ideas. We applied these criteria when we screened bloggers for our brand integration purposes. It was important to us that the influencer's page was aesthetically superior. The blogger had to be a person with a metiers d'art approach such as a photographer, stylist or artist. It was imperative to be able to trust that the blogger would promote the product in a stylish way on their profile.

 Static and animated posts 
3D modelling

METAXA is an authentic Greek spirit that does not quite belong in any of the existing spirit categories. The unmatched singular character of METAXA is what we sought to convey in our 3D videos, applying a great number of details. 
While using 3D modeling for the METAXA 5 and 12 Stars bottles, we played with lighting effects to highlight the spirit's amber color. We created an impression of the brand being in a league of its own in the eyes of potential METAXA consumers.

Work with influencers 

METAXA is a spirit for true explorers. Even its slogan, Don't Drink, Explore, is a reflection of the brand. The philosophy transmits the message of belonging where the open, goal-driven people are and for those who love freedom, nature and exploring. 
With that in mind, we selected opinion leaders we trusted to faithfully convey the brand values and at the same time effectively integrate METAXA into their profiles. Our list included travel bloggers, lifestyle bloggers who travel a lot and photographers of urban and rural surroundings. 

Bartenders Mix&Quiz

As an extra advertising campaign for METAXA, we engaged famous bartenders in a project we created.  

The idea was to let the METAXA community appreciate the professional excellence of the bartenders from popular hangouts. The professionals gave interviews sharing their stories from the bar industry, life hacks when working at the bar and a few helpful tips for beginner bartenders.  

During the Mix&Quiz project the bartenders formulated their METAXA 12 Stars based signature cocktails and shared their recipes with the audience. 

We created more than 40 content plans, surpassed 1,000 text posts, made a few dozen 3D videos and designed over 20 rubricators. Profiles were designed for each brand with monthly influencer integrations and worked with ambassadors. 

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