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Rémy Cointreau Influencers

about project

Implement an advertising campaign with opinion leaders in order to:

• Build brand image and brand consideration amongst premium spirits clients
• Recruit new clients from main competitors
• Calculate the required number of placements within a given budget
• Prepare a detailed plan for each city
• Increase brand awareness among the target audience – Brand Awareness
• Increase brand appeal to the target audience – Brand for Me
• Build connections with brands through brand positioning and territory
• Create knowledge about product leadership of the brands
• Introduce brands into the target audience's lifestyle through image communications
• Motivate the target audience to make a trial purchase or consume regularly

Integrations with influencers

Under the influencer marketing campaign, we have implemented a great amount of beautiful integrations for Rémy Cointreau brands.

While choosing bloggers, we relied on several factors: stylish and high-quality content, alignment of the blogger's positioning with the values of a particular brand, as well as the native presentation of advertising integrations in the blogger's profile.

As a result, because of the careful selection of opinion leaders and control throughout all integrations, we have implemented a successful advertising campaign. We have formed knowledge about the benefits of brands, increased awareness among their target audience, and also supported the existing brand image.

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