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Rémy Cointreau

about project

— "We need a creative New Year card. It has to showcase all of our brands. We are counting on you."

Rémy Cointreau was founded in 1991 when two companies merged: Rémy Martin, est. 1724, and Cointreau, est. 1849. Today, their portfolio includes many famous spirit brands: Rémy Martin, Cointreau, Metaxa, Bruichladdich, St-Rémy, and Mount Gay. Despite their rich history, Cointreau never stops moving forward — it evolves, adapts to modern trends, and combines traditions and quality with the latest technology.

Each Rémy Cointreau brand has a unique character, mood, flavor, and aroma. Every bottle is a well-known representation of the spirit inside, which makes them all timeless. We took the specifics and unique details of each brand, added a holiday mood, and came up with a concept for the New Year card for Rémy Cointreau. The decorative balls reflect the shapes of the bottles and images of all of the group's brands.


The most challenging and interesting part was the 3D modeling of the balls which we had to design based on the shapes of each brand's bottles. Every product has its unique style, so every ball was a new creative challenge.

The next step was to prepare the models for rendering. We thought through every texture, from tinted glass to the gold on the glitter. Attention to detail is crucial with this kind of task: that's what helped us to achieve the main goal — convey a holiday spirit.

We put all the balls together to make up a carousel. Then we started the animation process and set the balls in motion. You should have seen our designers drawing every little piece of glitter on the decorations! Sometimes ordinary tasks lead to extraordinary results.

We accounted for every brand that allowed us to use each element in a separate animation. We also developed individual animated cards for each brand, adapted to social media.

For the print card, we used the composition with all the balls together as our main visual. To that, we added the Rémy Cointreau logo. The card was printed on touch cover paper, the decorations got a coat of UV lacquer, and the company logo used red foil stamping.

We developed a multi-functional concept that showed all of the Rémy Cointreau brands, while highlighting the uniqueness of each of them. We created an animated holiday card with all brands and hosted it on a special domain. We created GIF animations for social media. We designed the print version of the card that the company used to give out with holiday gifts for their clients.
Who said alcohol cannot be a part of a winter fairytale?

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