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— "Guys, I have a showroom. We've got an amazing concept and some iconic brands. Can you help us with the PR?" — that's how it all started. And that turned into a new logo, design elements, company style, and rebranding.

Pride is a showroom and an online clothing store for men and women selling premium brands such as Balmain, Chloe, Saint-Laurent, Maison Margiela, La Perla, and more.
The showroom works as an outlet: past season collections from famous brands are collected under one roof and are available at reasonable prices. If you're lucky, you can get your hands on some iconic and timeless pieces.

We are all hunters. And all we want is prey. But only the very best become true predators. Pride is the place for the most dangerous brand hunters. As the king of the pride, the company leads hunters to track down the most iconic collections.

The brand's style is essentially an untamed visualization of nature: leaves, tree branches, stones, water, leather, and wool. All of these elements serve as patterns for different purposes: anything from the background on a social media post to ads for a new collection.

This creates a highly flexible visual system: it can be adapted to any season and used on branded items. This visual language makes it easy to expand, adjust, or change the concept from year to year.

Pride is more than just a showroom. It's a lifestyle that accompanies you wherever you go. For the logo we decided to go with a memorable font emblazoned on a sticker. The Pride logo shows that you are a true hunter who chooses iconic brands.


We used the colors of nature to reinforce the idea of the jungle. We updated them and made sure that the hue set the right tone.

Illustration is a great way to emphasize the idea of the jungle. It's the starting point for creating patterns that can be used on print materials. We wanted to offer a different take on nature. The minimalist hand-drawn style of illustrations conveys the idea of brand hunting.

We live in the era of quick messages, where people aren't interested in wasting time analyzing all the details. We now opt for a more visually driven version of communication. By using patterns and illustrations, we allowed the users to fall in love with Pride, gave them a positivity boost, conveyed our core idea, and encouraged them to start hunting.

Brand jungle and predator clients. This was the messaging on the Facebook page. Vivid, bold, catchy. Combined with the right SMM strategy, this gathered Pride clients together for a hunt.

These play a big role when it comes to brand awareness. The key to success is in the right choice of fonts, colors, logo, and illustrations.

Logo and visual identity, showroom concept, design of the signboard and window cases, visual concept on social media, brand strategy including SMM — we've done a lot of work here and built the entire brand from scratch. Are we proud of it? We certainly are! Because we've taken the showroom to an entirely new level: fashion is always evolving, and we have to keep up!

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