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— «We need to attract consumer’s attention to the St-Rémy XO and VSOP product range. Our priority as well is to increase the demand at points of sale»

St-Rémy is a world-famous French brandy, which is sold in more than 40 countries all over the world. Since the House of St-Rémy was found in 1886 the whole brandy production process from grape cultivation up to finished beverage bottling takes place in France.

The main idea was built around the FIFA World Cup which was held in Russia during the campaign. The St-Rémy promo stand was stylized with the brand colors as a football pitch. The key element of the campaign was a branded kicker, which was used for football tournaments among the guests of the mall. There was also a makeshift bar provided with football gates and goods display area.


The first stage in the development of promo stand was design and 3D modeling. It is crucial to provide the correct layout of the goods, a decent workplace for the promoter, storage of personal belongings and prizes.

The main task was to come up with the visual identity of the campaign. Based on the brand philosophy, we have created a slogan "Friends Forever" that inspires to spend time together with friends and a beloved drink of St-Rémy.

This is widespread promo campaign. Together with the client we worked out and developed not only the identity but also the way of carrying out the campaign.

The base of the campaign was a global St-Rémy contest. The task for participants was to upload photos with friends "now and then". Winners were chosen every week and then the main winner received a great gift that he/she could share with friends. To support the main contest numerous activities were carried out in stores and bars. For off-trade and on-trade activities, we developed POS materials - neck hangers and table tents, which were marked with QR codes leading to the contest website, where consumer could read the contest rules.

Football stands were installed in the points of sale. The promotional team was equipped with branded t-shirts and glasses for tasting, which we designed and produced for this occasion. The promoters invited visitors of the mall to try St-Rémy French Cola, to participate in a kicker tournament and win prizes from St-Rémy - branded t-shirts and bottles.

In the bars, waiters wearing branded t-shirts offered guests to taste St-Rémy XO and VSOP drinks, taking advantage of "2+1" proposal. As well as that, waiters invited guests to play kicker and win St-Rémy prizes.

As a result of the campaign, the client increased brand awareness and demand for St-Rémy products, thus the initial task was fulfilled. The campaign was held not only in Moscow, but also in large regional cities. Moreover, the slogan of the promo campaign "Friends Forever" is used not only in the context of this project. It has been built into the local brand communication in Russia, and also is depicted on the majority of POS materials for retail points and bars.

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