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“Develop a stand for presentations of the new Mazda 3 model in the largest shopping centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg".

The task is interesting, but more complicated than it seems at first sight. In addition to a spectacular exhibition, it is necessary to ensure the car, the cabin and trunks are accessible. The stand should also let visitors make an online booking for a test drive in Mazda showrooms all over Russia. It must also meet the strict requirements for exhibiting in public areas: meet fire regulations, do not block the passage for visitors and do not impair the mall as a whole.

Japanese company Mazda manufactures and supplies cars all over the world. Along with high quality, reliability and practicality, consumers get comfort and unique style.

While working on the concept we faced a number of stringent requirements: the car must be accessible from all sides; the machine must be optimally lit; it is not possible to attach the stand structures to the structural elements of the building inside which the stand is displayed. These limitations formed the basis of the concept of a single stand volume, where the stylobate part, on which the car stands, flows smoothly and gracefully into the design of the "visor", on which the lighting fixtures are installed. Panel with a touch screen is also located on the stand. And the panel with a touch screen expands the concept of a single volume.


We began our work on paper, in a sketchy search for the form that will solve complex problems, while looking easy and understandable. In order to emphasize and highlight the conceptual thought of Mazda designers and engineers, we have matched the lines of a vehicle and tried not to draw all the attention to ourselves.

After the sketching stage, the process of building and correcting the volumetric-spatial model began, which made it possible not only to look at the stand from any viewpoint, but also to detect controversial points and edit them in time.

DEPO foodmall stand

Exhibiting the car on the territory of “DEPO” foodmall implied the possibility of fixing the lighting equipment of the stand on the hangers from above. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the stand acquired more elegant outlines.


6 stands. 2 cities. 30 days of exposure. Mazda 3 became a pioneer in the airside area of the Sheremetyevo Airport, where a stand of such scale was the first ever to be installed.

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